Electromega : Human, solution-oriented professionals with over 45 years of experience!

Electromega is a private Canadian family business founded in 1974 by Alain Lamoureux. He built the company, establishing an outstanding reputation across the industry. From its head office in Quebec, the company initially covered the territory of eastern Canada. It quickly expanded into Ontario in the 1980s and then to British Columbia in the late 1990s, making it possible to offer quality products and solutions across Canada. Following Alain’s death in 2009, his two sons, Pascal and Thierry Lamoureux, assumed the company’s mission. For more than 10 years, by surrounding themselves with competent people and suppliers with many years of experience, they have been able to adapt to the evolving industry and remain a leader. Electromega can now boast over 45 years of experience in developing successful technological solutions.

Our values are the foundation of our success with our customers, partners and suppliers.


Adopt a positive attitude to deal with constant challenges and new developments to successfully carry out projects.


Show openness to changes and new developments in the work environment and industry to think outside the box.

Expert leadership

Fulfill yourself professionally and make full use of your skills to offer an adapted and quality solution.


Work closely as a team with coworkers and clients, in a spirit of teamwork and equity aimed at the success of everyone involved.


Take responsibility for all projects to be carried out and guarantee results by acting with transparency, loyalty and integrity.



Pascal Lamoureux, Eng.

President and CEO1 800.363.7481 #227plamoureux@electromega.com

Thierry Lamoureux

Vice-President and COO1 800.363.7481 #230tlamoureux@electromega.com



Jacques Michaud Adm.A.

Financial Director / Administrator1 800.363.7481 #225jmichaud@electromega.com

Anna Petrella

Quality Management Coordinator1 800.363.7481 #251apetrella@electromega.com

Solange Charpentier

Accounting Department – Account Payable / Receivable1 800.363.7481 #224payables@electromega.com

Manon Leclerc

Purchasing Agent1 800.363.7481 #287mleclerc@electromega.com

Customer service


Christian Beliveau

Customer Service Representative1-800-363-7481 #285cbeliveau@electromega.com

David Chiasson

Customer Service Representative1 800.363.7481 #239dchiasson@electromega.com

Ahmad Farzad Nazari

Project Manager1 800.363.7481 #226afnazari@electromega.com

Accounts Manager


Brian Antila

Senior Account Manager
ITS, Traffic
Territory : QC, NB, NS, PE, NL
1 800.363.7481bantila@electromega.com

Sheila Maye

Account Manager
ITS, Traffic
Territory : ON
1 800.363.7481smaye@electromega.com

Other Provinces

Territory : BC, AB, SK, MB, YT, NT, NU1 800.363.7481general@electromega.com

Service - Technical Support


Ahmed Zahrani

Technical Service Coordinator/Supervisor1 800.363.7481 #233azahrani@electromega.com

Joël Pelletier

Director Development - Parking / Smart City1 800.363.7481 #222jpelletier@electromega.com

Gilbert Cantin

Senior Technical Advisor1 800-363-7481 #233

Technical Team

Islambey, James-David, Max, Manpreet



Norbert Tremblay

Manufacturing Director1 800.363.7481 #241ntremblay@electromega.com

Electromega working on several frontlines

Concerns about intelligent road signs today are not simply limited to cars and trucks. They include just about every manner of transportation and every type of person who uses the roads: pedestrians, cyclists, people with disabilities, public transit, and vehicles used by specialized services and other authorities. Another issue is the need to provide updated answers to parking lot operators to help them optimize the use, information and space of paid parking lots.

As a specialized consultant and supplier, Electromega considers the implementation of new technologies to be essential. It’s a critical part of the mission, and these new technologies now play a vital role in the management of our infrastructure. Technological integration in the transportation industry vastly improves the security, flow, efficiency and longevity of our transportation infrastructure.

Electromega is a leading supplier of integrated transportation solutions in Canada. We offer solutions that include leading-edge professional services and control systems, as well as innovative applied management and mobility technologies. We work with local authorities to deliver a vast line of products and solutions that improve ground-level operations through the use of several service applications that are connected to users.

Electromega orients its business development around the following principles: sale of products and solutions, hardware and software oriented solutions, an engineering approach for assessment and recommendations, design and integration, equipment supply, training, ITS and smart city experience, highly experienced technical support team, and maintenance and programming of systems and products.


More than ever mobility requires solutions adapted to transport systems, connected vehicles and the various players in smart cities.

Our vision is to have an important role among the many facets of tomorrow’s mobility. Our positioning revolves around innovative and integrated solutions for the challenges of traffic management and parking.

Electromega directs its efforts to maintain and acquire advanced knowledge of technology, to be on the lookout for new products and to work with competent, motivated human resources.

Quality policy

At Electromega, the quality of our products, solutions and services comes first, and CUSTOMERS (internal and external) are at the heart of our decisions.

We are committed to satisfying the applicable requirements by ensuring that customer requirements as well as legal, regulatory, legislative and contractual requirements are determined, understood and consistently met. We also continuously improve the Quality Management System (QMS) by identifying the risks and opportunities that can affect the conformity of products and services by focusing on enhancing customer satisfaction.

In addition, Electromega’s senior management takes accountability for the effectiveness of the QMS; ensures the quality policy and objectives are communicated, understood and applied within the company; promotes the use of a process approach and risk-based thinking; ensures that the resources needed for the QMS are available; promotes improvement; and determines the needs and expectations of interested parties to provide an improved product and service.

The policy is communicated to all employees who collaborate in its implementation. Electromega has an internal audit program in place to ensure the understanding and continued relevance of the QMS.

Electromega, an established company

Electromega is founded on a long tradition in the traffic and parking industry. But we rely primarily on competent and motivated human resources who place great value on personalized customer service. In a spirit of partnership, we continue to affirm our commitment to the most reliable and effective solutions in intelligent transportation.