Radar micro-ondes TRUGRD / TRUGRD Stream

Sensor TRUGRD / TRUGRD Stream

Détection vers l'avant

Multiple forward firing beams allows precise trajectory tracking of vehicles

Multiple forward firing beams allows precise trajectory tracking of vehicles

TMIB / Carte d'interface de gestion du trafic

Compliant to NEMA TS1/TS2 and ATC cabinet assembly


smartmicro traffic sensors feature the most advanced multi-lane multi-object tracking radar technology with ultra-high definition

Intersection applications

  • One single sensor for stop bar and advance detection
  • Lane-specific advance detection
  • Queue length estimation
  • Mid-block detection
  • Counting and statistics

Highway applications

  • Traffic counting, classification and statistical analysis
  • Incident detection
  • Wrong-way driving detection

Enforcement applications

  • Red-light enforcement
  • Stationary speed enforcement
  • Portable speed enforcement
  • Mobile speed enforcement

TMC – Traffic management configuration
Intuitive software for sensor configuration


SX300 Radar


SX300 Radar with HD Camera


Wrong way detection and warning


Radar and Bluetooth sensor Deepblue


Deepblue Radar


RTMS SX300 with Bluetooth Sensor


Mobile Radar Set up


ISS Web Application


Above-ground detection technology elevates the safety and efficiency of your City. RTMS radar detection products are working hard to ensure smooth traffic flow and prevent road accidents. From the wide suburban arterials and rapidly moving highways to the busiest downtown intersections, our RTMS radar solutions help keep the daily commute free of congestion and maintenance.


The ideal sensor for getting online travel time information and origin/destination information for improved infrastructure planning. The DeepBlue sensor range offers full flexibility. The sensors are provided with or without the centralized system. You have the choice of integrating the journey time data from centralized solution or gather raw Bluetooth device data directly from the sensors through TCP/IP or via GPRS.

SX-300 Series

  • 5-year warranty
  • 12 lanes contiguous reporting
  • Built-in Bluetooth communications
  • Integrated Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Power consumption as low as 3.5W
  • Zero setback for installation
  • Built-in HD/IP camera

Bluetooth sensor

  • Online travel time information
  • Planning and mobility studies
  •  O/D information

Traffic Products


Access Control Equipment


Access Control Equipment for vehicle


Access Control Equipment - detector


Conflict Monitor MMU2


Intrusive detector for bicycles

Eberly Design Inc (EDI) Traffic Control Systems

RENO A&E is an innovative company located in Reno, Nevada that designs and manufactures high-quality traffic control devices.

Traffic products

Traffic products are designed to meet public agency specifications for equipment used to control vehicular and pedestrian traffic on public roadways in North America.

Access products

Access products are used to detect and/or identify the presence of vehicles for automatic gates, doors and bollard controls.

  • Traffic cabinet peripherals
  • Vehicle detectors
  • Vehicle identification system
  • Data aggregator

Distance Measuring Instrument


Portable Traffic Counter/Analyzer


ATMS Interface

MH Corbin LLC

Highway Information Systems Solutions designed to gather, analyze and communicate roadway information.

  • Distance measuring
  • Traffic analysis
  • Highway Advisory Radio (HAR)
  • Weather sensors
  • Radio communication software

Weight in Motion


Vehicles Counter

IRD – Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • ITS solutions
  • Weigh station
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Traffic safety
  • Traffic counter – classifier