Technical support

Our technical service team offers the best expertise on the market, ensuring utmost reliability and performance of your equipment and systems.

Our expert technicians have been serving customers for over 45 years. Our clients know they can rely on our technical team for expert advice and outstanding service, ranked among the best in our field. All our technicians are IMSA level 1 and 2 certified and undergo continuous training to ensure their expertise and knowledge remain as cutting edge as our products and solutions.

  • On-demand technical support – Fixed and hourly rates
  • Virtual technical support
  • Maintenance and repairs on our equipment and those of manufacturers
  • Programming
  • Product repairs
  • Diagnostic
  • Preventive maintenance and inspection
  • Service contract
  • Technical support at all levels: on-site, phone help desk, in-shop, remotely, 24/7 service and emergency

Professional services

Ask about our personalized and specialized services. Our vast expertise and experience bring a quality of service that is second to none.

We offer adapted services to meet the actual needs of our customers.

  • Technical data information based on our file registry
  • Remote technical support via IP cellular
  • Remote monitoring of smart transportation systems
  • Remote monitoring of parking systems tele-monitoring
  • Field survey service
  • Professional technical expertise
  • Expertise : coordination network, TRP operation, centralized system and telecommunications network


To ensure your equipment performs safely and efficiently, Electromega verifies and certifies your equipment using industry-recognized calibration tools. All of our calibration tools are certified every year by our ATSI manufacturer.

  • NEMA certification for CMU conflict monitor unit
  • NEMA certification for MMU malfunction management unit
  • NEMA TS2 BIU bus interface unit
  • ATC cabinet peripherals


We offer tailor-made training sessions adapted to the specific needs of our customers.

Our training sessions are offered by professional and experienced professionals in the field.

Come and enhance your knowledge and skills in a dynamic and friendly atmosphere.

  • Training session available at Electromega’s facilities or at the customer’s location
  • Group technical session
  • Semi-private technical session
  • Private technical session
  • Training as part of a specific project
  • Remote training using web technologies – videoconferencing