Coffret de feux de circulation

Coffret NEMA TS2


Coffret de feux de circulation

Coffret NEMA TS2 (intérieur)


Simulateur d'intersection munie de feux de circulation


Electromega offers a very large variety of cabinets applicable to many markets in the industry. We utilize all the finest materials and technologoy to produce the highest quality products to meet technical and environmental specifications.

  • Traffic cabinet
  • NEMA TS1/TS2 and ATC
  • Telecom cabinet
  • Custom design cabinet
  • Many sizes: M, MXX, CBD, etc.

*Available in aluminum or stainless steel.


Encom Wireless

ENCOM Wireless is a leading manufacturer of industrial quality wireless data networking equipment. ENCOM products form the backbone of mission critical communication networks throughout the world.

Broadband Communication

High performance access points and subscriber units designed for faster throughput and greater coverage in outdoor environments. Accommodates the most demanding of applications, such as video streaming or backhaul applications with the reliability and security that ENCOM provides.

Serial Communication

The Pulse is a powerful radio modem that provides RS-232 connectivity to a wide variety of traffic control devices. The PULSE system is easy to install, maintenance free and will provide years of reliable connectivity throughout your city or town.

Wireless ON/OFF Control

The COMMPAK I/O8 has been designed specifically for remote ON/OFF control and Status/Alarm monitoring applications. The radios feature two-way communications, the ability to confirm status at a remote site and timer outputs that can be pre-programmed for up to two hours, eliminating the need for timer relays.



Kyland focuses on research and implementation around the total solution of Industrial Control Networking. We are a leading innovator of solutions in the field of industrial networking technology. Our mission is to build the next generation industrial control ecosystem based on Ethernet connectivity.

Kyland’s primary R&D direction is: industrial Ethernet communications technologies, IP-based industrial Fieldbus technologies, network-based precise time/clock technologies and control message communication security technologies.

  • Unmanaged Ethernet switches
  • Managed layer 2/3 switches
  • Backbone Ethernet switches
  • IEC61850 Ethernet switches
  • EN50155 Ethernet switches
  • Embedded Ethernet switches
  • Media converters