Parking on the move more than ever

Electromega understands the needs of municipalities, as well as those of parking lot owners and operators. We offer integrated systems solutions to better manage industry issues.

Drivers need clear information on parking duration, payment methods and the steps to follow. This must be done quickly and in a safe environment that is adapted to the mobility needs of the user.

Parking lot owners, meanwhile, require a secure, efficient and reliable information system for managing vehicle spaces in a centrally-controlled environment. It’s therefore imperative to have in place independent and autonomous modules that can be modified for the exchange of information, if necessary.

electromega_icone_expertis-parking-managementParking management

Products for off-street parking access control

electromega_icone_expertis-parking-machineParking machine

Products for on-street and off-street parking control

electromega_icone_expertis-mobile-appMobile app

To offer users information on the availability of parking spaces and to facilitate payment.

Our partners

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