Nonstop traffic…

Electromega knows the needs and challenges facing today’s movement of people and goods and the fast-paced changes in technological innovations that face this industry. Our products, added-value solutions and integrated systems work together to better meet the increasing needs of the transportation sector.

Our cutting edge technology products aim to improve traffic on new and existing infrastructures. We know the history behind the products currently on the market, and we offer new migration solutions that are 100% compatible.

electromega_icone_expertis-trafic-lightTraffic lights

Innovative products to effectively manage your traffic lights.


State-of-the-art sensors to analyze traffic conditions.

electromega_icone_expertis-ts2-atcTS2 and ATC standards

Our products meet industry standards and specifications.

Our partners

Mobotrex Leoteck ATSI Clary Corporation EDI Encom Wireless Data Solutions GTT IRD ISS Kyland M.H. Corbin Media Ressources North America Traffic Novax Industries Corporation Nu-Media Display Systems Optec Displays Inc. Pelco Products Inc. RTB Safe Traffic RTC Manufacturing Reno A&E SES America Siemens ITS Transcore ITS smartmicro