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RTC Manufacturing Inc.

RTC Manufacturing Inc. is the largest supplier of school zone equipment in the world. RTC School Zone Flasher Systems can help ensure a safe and efficient way for students and drivers to get to where they need to be. Choose the all-new FlashCube, our all-in-one flasher solution that is scalable to fit any location and flash time requirement or a traditional 12″ flashing beacon.

  • Solar signs
  • Flasher
  • PED crossing
  • RRFB
  • School zone
  • Emergency vehicle exit
  • GPS – controller


Electromega offers a line of LED lighting and message display products and services suitable for traffic and multiple other industries. Message displays have used LED technology for a number of years. Today, this technology continues to evolve, with monochrome matrices morphing into colour matrices – all of which meet the highest quality standards for the most rugged outdoor and indoor environments. Whether the application requirements are for highways, information signs for travellers or residents, or advertising and marketing needs, our products and value-added solutions are able to meet the needs of the most demanding projects.


Variable Message Sign


Digital Panel Display


Digital Panel Display


Solar powered VMS


Lane Signal

Trucks not allowed


Lane Signal

Lane Authorized or not


Various blank out signs

Sunrise SESA Technologies, Inc.

SESA is a high quality ITS solution manufacturer focused on providing dynamic message signs and retrofit packages to clients across North America. We are proud to say that our signs are manufactured in the US and that we are fully equipped to meet our clients’ unique needs, accomplishing our core goal of delivering quality, innovative ITS products and customized solutions. Our experienced, expert technicians and engineers work diligently to fill the requirements of any project, whether for a single sign, a more complex ITS system, or a situational, custom-tailored product solution.

  • High performance VMS
  • AC & solar powered
  • Refurbish of existing VMS
  • NTCIP protocol
LED Digital Display

LED Digital Display

When visual quality is important

  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Quality