Coffret de feux de circulation

Coffret NEMA TS2


Coffret de feux de circulation

Coffret NEMA TS2 (intérieur)


Simulateur d'intersection munie de feux de circulation


Electromega offers a very large variety of cabinets applicable to many markets in the industry. We utilize all the finest materials and technologoy to produce the highest quality products to meet technical and environmental specifications.

  • Traffic cabinet
  • NEMA TS1/TS2 and ATC
  • Telecom cabinet
  • Custom design cabinet
  • Many sizes: M, MXX, CBD, etc.

*Available in aluminum or stainless steel.


Electromega Horizontal Signal


Vertical Signal


Vertical Signals



Bikes Traffic Signal


Traffic signals are offered in polycarbonate and aluminum body sections including the housing, door (LED-ready) and visor. The signal construction design provides minimum weight combined with maximum rigidity and strength. Aluminum and polycarbonate signals are available in 100mm (4-inch), 200mm (8-inch) and 300mm (12-inch).

  • Traffic signal heads for vehicles and pedestrians are available in vertical or horizontal configurations. All our traffic signals meet and or exceed all relevant traffic signal specifications.

LED Traffic Light

Leotek overview

Leotek IL6 – LED Traffic Signal Modules

Go green with Leotek and find out why our LED traffic signal modules are already installed in over 30% of America’s intersections. Approved by most United States Departments of Transportation, and listed on numerous Approved Products Lists. The patented, innovative optical technology of the IL6 Series LED Traffic Signal Module can help provide your city with dramatic savings on energy and maintenance costs.

  • Enhanced uniformity
  • Engineered for superior thermal management
  • Intertek ETL verified
  • Meets and/or exceeds all ITE standards
  • Standard 5-year warranty

LED Traffic Light

Leotek overview

LED Pedestrian Signal Module

Alert pedestrians whether it is safe to cross or not with the Standing and Walking Man LED pedestrian signal module series. Like all Leotek products, these LED signal modules are designed to be long-lasting with a low maintenance cost.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Significant energy and maintenance savings
  • Excellent moisture and dust resistance
  • Standard 5-year warranty
SIEMENS Smart Mobility Solutions

SIEMENS Smart Mobility Solutions

Increasing traffic volumes, booming urbanization, rising pollution levels: Cities, communities and regions are facing challenges that require innovative solutions. As a global leader in traffic technology, Siemens can look back on almost 100 years of experience in the implementation of pioneering technologies. We stand by your side as you face the challenges posed by traffic. We have all the right answers to ensure the efficiency, sustainability and reliability of your systems.


Siemens M60 Series controller

Siemens M60 Series Traffic Signal Controller

  • TS2 Type 2 configuration
  • Proven hardware architecture
  • SEPAC – Powerful industry-leading software
  • ATC 6.22 compliant
  • Linux processor
  • Multiview display
  • User definable favourite keys
  • USB ports and built-in Ethernet switch
  • TSP functionalities


TACTICS is a modular, full-featured traffic control system that complies with industry standards delivering a reliable, powerful and yet easy-to-use traffic management system. TACTICS is designed to grow with you, scalable to customer needs. TACTICS provides an easy-to-use, secure interface. TACTICS is loaded with options to support features such as Quick Response, Transit Signal Priority and Map recording and playback, as well as ITS devices such as DMS, CCTV and Tempo Ramp Meters. TACTICS offers a full-feature set that can be tailored to meet individual customer needs.

  • Cloud traffic management
  • SCOOT adaptive solution

TransCore – TransSuite

TransSuite Traffic Control System (TCS) is TransCore’s industry-leading signal system designed to meet a wide range of signal system needs. TransSuite TCS is scalable from a standalone signal system of 50 or more intersections to systems of more than 11,000 intersections with available fully integrated ITS support for video control, dynamic message sign (DMS) management, incident management, and freeway traffic management. Our newest release offers a fully PC-based hardware architecture and a full Windows graphical user interface along with TransCore’s best-in-class graphical display tools.

  • ATMS
  • Open architecture
  • Traffic controller
  • VMS
  • Camera
  • Detector
GTT - Opticom

GTT – Opticom

Global Traffic Technologies (GTT) serves all modes of transportation with the flexibility to integrate with the latest and legacy traffic and citywide infrastructure. Opticom solutions, including traffic signal priority control and data analytics, are designed to help solve today’s traffic problems and prepare you to deal with future transportation and safety challenges.

  • Intelligent Transit – Helping to increase ridership with fewer delays, better on-time performance and reliable schedule adherence.
  • Intelligent Safety – Clearing a path to get first responders to the scene of an emergency safely and quickly.
  • Intelligent Cities – Managing the movement of people and goods in a safer and more efficient manner.
  • No matter what level of connectivity and technology your city has, solutions and services from GTT can help get your agency to its desired state. Opticom empowers you to make changes that deliver immediate results.

School Zone RTC promo


School Zone Flasher


Flash cube


AP22 keypad


M2M modem cellular


Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon


RTC Connect Logo


RTC Connect Interface

RTC Manufacturing Inc.

RTC Manufacturing Inc. is the largest supplier of school zone equipment in the world. RTC School Zone Flasher Systems can help ensure a safe and efficient way for students and drivers to get to where they need to be. Choose the all-new FlashCube, our all-in-one flasher solution that is scalable to fit any location and flash time requirement or a traditional 12″ flashing beacon.

  • Solar signs
  • Flasher
  • PED crossing
  • RRFB
  • School zone
  • Emergency vehicle exit
  • GPS – controller
RTB Safe Traffic
RTB Safe
RTB Safe

RTB Safe Traffic

RTB develops, produces and markets innovative traffic solutions for the safety of visually impaired.

  • Accessible Pedestrian System
  • Acoustic unit
  • Loc.ID smart device app
  • Approved by most associations of the blind
Radar micro-ondes TRUGRD / TRUGRD Stream

Sensor TRUGRD / TRUGRD Stream

Détection vers l'avant

Multiple forward firing beams allows precise trajectory tracking of vehicles

Multiple forward firing beams allows precise trajectory tracking of vehicles

TMIB / Carte d'interface de gestion du trafic

Compliant to NEMA TS1/TS2 and ATC cabinet assembly


smartmicro traffic sensors feature the most advanced multi-lane multi-object tracking radar technology with ultra-high definition

Intersection applications

  • One single sensor for stop bar and advance detection
  • Lane-specific advance detection
  • Queue length estimation
  • Mid-block detection
  • Counting and statistics

Highway applications

  • Traffic counting, classification and statistical analysis
  • Incident detection
  • Wrong-way driving detection

Enforcement applications

  • Red-light enforcement
  • Stationary speed enforcement
  • Portable speed enforcement
  • Mobile speed enforcement

TMC – Traffic management configuration
Intuitive software for sensor configuration


SX300 Radar


SX300 Radar with HD Camera


Wrong way detection and warning


Radar and Bluetooth sensor Deepblue


Deepblue Radar


RTMS SX300 with Bluetooth Sensor


Mobile Radar Set up


ISS Web Application


Above-ground detection technology elevates the safety and efficiency of your City. RTMS radar detection products are working hard to ensure smooth traffic flow and prevent road accidents. From the wide suburban arterials and rapidly moving highways to the busiest downtown intersections, our RTMS radar solutions help keep the daily commute free of congestion and maintenance.


The ideal sensor for getting online travel time information and origin/destination information for improved infrastructure planning. The DeepBlue sensor range offers full flexibility. The sensors are provided with or without the centralized system. You have the choice of integrating the journey time data from centralized solution or gather raw Bluetooth device data directly from the sensors through TCP/IP or via GPRS.

SX-300 Series

  • 5-year warranty
  • 12 lanes contiguous reporting
  • Built-in Bluetooth communications
  • Integrated Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Power consumption as low as 3.5W
  • Zero setback for installation
  • Built-in HD/IP camera

Bluetooth sensor

  • Online travel time information
  • Planning and mobility studies
  •  O/D information

Traffic Products


Access Control Equipment


Access Control Equipment for vehicle


Access Control Equipment - detector


Conflict Monitor MMU2


Intrusive detector for bicycles

Eberly Design Inc (EDI) Traffic Control Systems

RENO A&E is an innovative company located in Reno, Nevada that designs and manufactures high-quality traffic control devices.

Traffic products

Traffic products are designed to meet public agency specifications for equipment used to control vehicular and pedestrian traffic on public roadways in North America.

Access products

Access products are used to detect and/or identify the presence of vehicles for automatic gates, doors and bollard controls.

  • Traffic cabinet peripherals
  • Vehicle detectors
  • Vehicle identification system
  • Data aggregator

Clary UPS - SP-560 model

Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)


Clary UPS - 1250 Series

Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)


Clary UPS - SP-1250 model

Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)


Clary - Backup Battery Kit


Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)

Keeping traffic moving no matter what!

  • Operational in extreme temperatures
  • Continuous digital power
  • Power factor correction
  • Bidirectional communications
  • NEMA certified

Distance Measuring Instrument


Portable Traffic Counter/Analyzer


ATMS Interface

MH Corbin LLC

Highway Information Systems Solutions designed to gather, analyze and communicate roadway information.

  • Distance measuring
  • Traffic analysis
  • Highway Advisory Radio (HAR)
  • Weather sensors
  • Radio communication software

The World of Pelco

Overview of Pelco Products

Pelco Products Inc.

Pelco Products is the leading traffic and utility hardware manufacturer and supplier in the industry. From brackets, mountings, poles, pedestrian push buttons and copper theft deterrent solutions, Pelco has the product for you.

  • Pedestrian push buttons
  • Astro-Brac signal mountings
  • Free-swinging signal mountings
  • Rigid tenon mount
  • Brackets and equipment mounts


Electromega offers a line of LED lighting and message display products and services suitable for traffic and multiple other industries. Message displays have used LED technology for a number of years. Today, this technology continues to evolve, with monochrome matrices morphing into colour matrices – all of which meet the highest quality standards for the most rugged outdoor and indoor environments. Whether the application requirements are for highways, information signs for travellers or residents, or advertising and marketing needs, our products and value-added solutions are able to meet the needs of the most demanding projects.


Synchro Suite

Synchro Coordination Software

Synchro from Trafficware

  • Synchro
  • SimTraffic
  • SD Viewer
  • Warrants
  • TripGen