Starting on delivery date, products are covered by the standard applicable warranty period covering them individually. Electromega (and related manufacturers) warrants these products to be free of defects in workmanship and/or material.

Electromega will repair or replace any units found to be defective or that fail within the warranty period. The liability under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the unit with a comparable product using the current technology at the time of replacement.

Electromega will not be liable for any defects arising from improper handling, misuse, negligence, acts of God or nature, exposure to casualty of elements, or unauthorized alteration/repair. In all such cases, the warranty is immediately null and void.

This warranty overrides any warranty issued before purchase. This warranty is exclusive of all other warranty, expressed or implied, and Electromega hereby specifically disclaims all other warranty claims of any type; including without limitation, a warranty of any unit or its fitness for any particular use or purpose. The customer’s remedy under this warranty is exclusive. In no event shall Electromega be liable for interruption of business loss, profits or indirect or consequential damages, injury to person or damage to property from any cause whatsoever.

Return Material Authorization

Prior to returning any product for repair or replacement, Electromega requires that a Return Material Authorization (RMA) be issued. The RMA can only be issued by Electromega. When requesting an RMA, the following information must be provided to Electromega: product model and serial number (if applicable), detailed description of the reason for return.

An Electromega representative will document the issue at hand and make the appropriate arrangements for the return of the unit/product.

When returning the product, the customer must adhere to the following procedure(s) :

  • Prior to returning, contact customer support at 450-635-1020 or via email at to obtain an RMA number.
  • Clearly mark shipment container/boxes with RMA number.
  • Include a return address and contact information with the shipment.
  • The equipment must be shipped via prepaid freight to Electromega. It will be returned via prepaid freight to the customer.

Verification of purchase may be required. Electromega will not be held responsible for any damage to the product that occurs during shipment. Failure to exercise the above RMA policy and procedures will void all warranty responsibilities on behalf of Electromega Ltd.